My Wonderland

...is Poland, of course.
Didn't need more than 1 minute of breathing that air to feel it again.

My journey started at 3 am in a cold snowy night of December when, thanks to my dear brother, i was on the way to the airport (pretty similar with the Pepsi ad, the funny monkey). The speed was amazing, similar to the speed of the whole trip, though. First flight to Dusseldorf was another lesson of elegance and professionalism from Lufthansa. As my connection flight was too tight in terms of time, me and other two passengers going in same direction had an escort just when descending. It was one car that took us within the airport to the passport control and then to our second plane, first time I realized there are special traffic rules there as well, one must give priority to the main "roads"a.s.o. Fast and smooth. German way.

The following days were exactly as a winter wonderland in my imagination: the wooden house with view over the slopes (through big windows), Adamski family being amazingly sweet and carrying, Olcia and Karolcia careful, funny, super nice, few new great Polish people, enough snow, hot spiced wine, dancing, chilling, playing, skiing, chatting, laughing, partying, sleeping and so on. Besides all that, the Polish hospitality in a high degree, few hours and a night in Wroclaw (whose according motto is "the meeting place"), the "Sylvester" (NYE) in a cozy cheerful atmosphere with people I have known since my first time there:) and a perpetual good mood.
Wish I haven't leaved those places. So calm, so far from this crowd...

Anyway, I came back, had some exams and here I am, ready to start the last semester in my not beloved faculty.

Dziekuje bardzo!
Keep smiling!

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  1. :) Ur case is very bad... u're addicted of Poland ;p;p

    And about Lufthansa I also think thi is the best of european airlines...

    Keep smiling :)


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